Commands documentation

Available commands:

[IMPOSTAZIONI] Carabiniere's configuration menu.

[RIAVVIA] Restart Carabiniere and update administrator list and permissions.

[PIN] Pin a message.

[UNPIN] Unpin a message.

[DEL] Delete a message.

[INTERVENTO] Ask for support.

[CHATID] Get the chat_id of the group.

[INATTIVI] Send a list containing inactive users.

[KICKINATTIVI] Kick inactive users from the group.

[UNBANALL] Unban every banned user in the group.

[BANDELETED] Ban every deleted account.

[GLINK] Generate a group link.

[LIBERI] View all excepted users.

[MUTATI] View all muted users.

[BACKUP] Create a backup.

[GRAFICOMEMBRI] Generate a trend graph of the group members.

[DELSTART] Set the initial message to delete multiple messages.

[DELEND] Set the final message and start deleting messages.

[REQAPIKEY] Get a personal API Key.

[MSGID] Get the message's id.

[STAFF] Get a list of the group staff.

[REGOLE] Get group rules.

[LINK] Get the group link.

[YTMP3] Send an mp3 file from YouTube.

[YTMP4] Send an mp4 file from YouTube.

[PVTIMPOSTAZIONI] Configure your personal settings for Carabiniere.

[BAN] Ban an user.

[UNBAN] Unban an user.

[KICK] Kick an user.

[WARN] Warn an user.

[UNWARN] Unwarn an user.

[DWARN] Warn an user and delete the message.

[MUTE] Mute an user.

[UNMUTE] Unmute an user.

[LIBERO] Except an user.

[UNLIBERO] Unexcept an user.

[INFO] Get informations about an user.

[MOD] Promote an user to moderator.

[UNMOD] Demote an user from moderator.

[ADMIN] Promote an user to administrator.

[UNADMIN] Demote an user from administrator.

[DELALL] Delete all message from an user.

[S] Replace text in a message.

[GLOBALMUTE] Mute or unmute the group.

[PERSONAL] Create a new personal command.

[UNPERSONAL] Delete a personal command.

[CMDLIST] Manage personal commands.

[REVERSE] Reverse the message text.

[WARNATI] View all warned users.

[HELP] Get the documentation link.

[PVTINFO] Get your info in private.

[DELETEALLCHAT] Delete all messages in the group.

[TRADUCI] Translate a message.

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